MIMBAR CHILDREN SCHOOL:42, Adebajo Street, Kongi Bodija

MIMBAR COLLEGE:4, Gbadamosi Street, New Bodija Ibadan


Mimbar Schools celebrates founder's day (MCS 2009, MC 2018).


Founder's Day


Who are we to deny the favour of the uncreated Creator of creatures and creation on us? Sincerely, we are just like tenants on this spherical surface of the universe. It is on this thankful note that my team and I glorify the Almighty Allah for giving us the rare privilege of conceiving far-sighted ideas, and for blessing us with parents who neither throw our ideas in the bin nor at us. You really hold a special place in our heart!

Just as we have promised you, Mimbar Children School and Mimbar College, Ibadan, will continue to be guided by the tripod stand- Knowledge, Faith and Leadership. We strongly believe that these three pointers are key to academic excellence with high morals and Islamic ethics as well as a lasting identity that promotes oneness which doesn’t conflict with what our students learn in school and practise outside the four walls of their academic environment. In fact, it’s reported in Sunan Ibnu Majah that the noblest of mankind, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) emphasized the importance of knowledge that “there is no one who goes out of his house in order to seek knowledge, but the angels lower their wings in approval of his action.” This show that our children will even be rewarded by Allah for coming to school to learn, study and prepare themselves for the future. In addition, atMimbar Children School and Mimbar College, Ibadan, our students are not only bookworms, but they are also sports enthusiasts, promising ICT gurus and innovative minds with local and global perspectives. This is an attestation to our promise that every parent will get measurable value for their money. AlhamduliLlaahi for these enviable feats so far!

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